Frequently Asked Questions

Marion Hatcher Center - Front Hall/Entry

Below you'll find some questions we are commonly asked. Have a question that isn't answered here? Don't hesitate to contact us.

What Are The Fees?

The fee schedule below is based on ten hours. As you plan your event, you should allow time for both setup and cleanup. The rental time must be strictly adhered to so that additional fees will not be charged. A ten hour period is adequate for most events.

Our schedule for payment is:

At the Contract Signing:
  • $500 (Non-refundable reservation/security deposit).
  • This deposit is deducted from the total contract.
Sixty Days Prior to Event:
  • Contract balance to be paid in full. No exceptions.
Contract Fees:
  • Full Facilities (includes courtyard with no chairs): $1750
  • Full Facilities (includes courtyard with use of chairs): $1950
  • Ballroom (includes use of the Azalea Room): $1500
  • Azalea and Magnolia Rooms: $1000
  • Magnolia Room: $500
  • Kitchen (Caterer's Fee) $100
Damage Deposit:
  • $500 (14 days prior to the scheduled event)
  • The damage deposit will be returned ten days after the event, provided the Marion Hatcher Center and all related property passes managerial inspection.
  • Failure to pass inspection will result in a charge assessment, which will be deducted from the damage deposit. If the charge exceeds the deposit, the signer of the contract will be billed.
Wedding Rehearsals:
  • Two hours are provided at no charge. This time is for rehearsal only, not decorating.
  • The rehearsal will be scheduled on a date prior to the wedding and may not be on the specific day or evening before. The day or evening before the wedding can be guaranteed for rehearsal for a fee of $250.00.
Tables and Chairs (No Charge):
  • Tables (inside only)
  • White Wooden Folding Chairs (inside only)
  • White Samsonite & Metal (outside only)
  • The Marion Hatcher Center provides setup of tables and chairs.

Fees subject to change at Marion Hatcher Center's discretion